Registered Office County of Venue Selection

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Registered Office County of Venue Selection

Registered Office County of Venue Selection

Simply put, Venue is the county in which you claim to be doing business and in which you would be subjected to a law suit because of your presence in that county. So, if you are a foreign corporation (e.g., say a company from California) and you qualify to do business in PA and you establish a base of operation in Reading, PA, your county of venue would most likely be Berks County.

If on the other hand, you do not have an office in PA but are merely doing business here (as defined in Title 15 - see Section 4122 of the PA Statutes) you may need to engage the services of a Registered Office provider (AAAgent Services, LLC performs Commercial Registered Office Provider -CROP- services... see ).

If you intend to utilize CROP services it is a practice in PA to use the county in which the CROP’s office is located. For instance, if you use AAAgent Services, LLC, our offices are located in Harrisburg, PA which is in turn located in Dauphin County. You are not, however, restricted to Dauphin County.

If you intend to do business in primarily one county or section of the state and you wish to defend any lawsuits near your location of business activity, you can elect to use that county as your county of venue. To do so you need to add the following language to line “B” of the registered office paragraph:

"The registered office of the association shall be deemed for venue and official publication purposes to be in XXXXXXX County."

See: Title 15 section 109(a)(2)

Venue is more fully defined in another FAQ under this section.

Note: The "a" line of the registered office paragraph should always be left empty when utilizing the services of a CROP. The "b" line should only be used with the name of an officially registered CROP company.